Before You Buy

Things to know about purchasing prints...

1. Not every picture works well at poster size

Photos on this site taken between 1981 and 2014 were shot using conventional film. All the photos taken from 2015 and later are digital. Every one of our galleries lists the year the pictures were shot.

Pictures shot digitally will almost always work better printed at very large sizes like 20x34" posters, because there’s usually less graininess. While many of our non-digital photos are great at large sizes, some will contain a lot more film grain.

So, rule of thumb: Small and medium prints will always look crisper. But many shots will look great at larger sizes too.

If you’re unhappy with your print, we’ll be happy to exchange it or refund your money. See Shipping & Returns.

2. Film versus digital

Many of our photos were taken before digital cameras were even invented. So while they’re digital files now, they had to be scanned from negatives and slides, then cleaned up using software like Digital ICE, and then further digital retouching was conducted manually.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure these pictures are the highest quality we can offer, but there are limitations to conventional film. Those pictures will have more graininess from the film and the low light conditions in most concert venues. There’s just no way around that.

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